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Steve S.

Charles is absolutely amazing at what he does.  In addition to being my physical therapist for severe, bilateral leg injuries, he was a mentor, guide, and partner through a totally unexpected journey.  He helped me through some really rough, white-knuckled experiences like walking for the first time without braces, getting back on a leg-press machine, balancing on one leg, jumping, and finally running..which I'd never actually tried before! 


Laura W.

I started going to Artus PT after being diagnosed with a partial Achilles tendon tear, and I am so glad I did! Chris Rosen is an amazing physical therapist, creating indivdualized therapy and treatment programs. No cookie-cutter exercises here -- nor will you be left on your own to do, say, a million leg-lifts that you could just as easily do at home! I receive top-notch, one-on-one treatment -- can safely say that this is the best PT I have ever experienced. The facility is pleasant and low-key, the locker rooms are clean and well-maintained, and they accept a wide range of insurance plans. (They are also pretty genius at sorting things out with insurance carriers!) If you've been referred for physical therapy, definitely check out Artus. These guys will take good care of you!

Ernest H.

I could not be happier with the course of treatment I received from Charles for my finger injury.  My hand function has improved considerably more than I thought it ever would. Not least in this rehabilitative process, working with Charles was always comfortable and exceedingly pleasant. I remain truly grateful for his efforts and the very real benefits I've gained from them.

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