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Please feel free to call or email any additional questions or concerns you may have

  • What safety measures are you taking due to Covid-19?
    Artus Physical Therapy is an essential medical facility. Despite being designated as such, we decided to temporarily close our office back in March to ensure the safety of our community. After much consideration, and in accordance with local officials, we will re-open as of July 15th. Please note that our main priority is the health and safety of our patients and staff, so re-opening involves taking all the necessary precautions to keep evreyone safe. Below is a list of the safety measures we're taking: - everyone is required to wear face mask/coverings for the duration of their visit (all patients are required to wear their own masks in order to enter the facility) - hand sanitizer will be located at the entrance, exit, and in each treatment room - all employees will receive and administer temperature and pulse checks to all patients upon entry into the clinic - we will have a social-distanced check-in process and will not be using our waiting area - we have limited the number of PTs and patients at the clinic at one time - we ask all patients and staff to bring their own water bottles as the water fountain will be unavailable - our lockers will be unavalable as well, and showers will be closed As always, we will continue to: - use disinfectant to wipe down all exposed clinic surfaces between appointments - change pillow cases between each session - have all staff sanitize their hands between patients
  • How many patients do you treat at one time?
    All of our therapists treat one person at a time, no exceptions. We believe it is in the best interest of the patient, as well as the therapist, to fully focus on each individual case with one-on-one treatment for 45 mins, in order to facilitate a comprehensive, personalized approach to patient care.
  • What if I don't have insurance, or my insurance does not cover your services?"
    In the event you are not covered by insurance, or your insurance benefits have been exhausted for the year, we charge a self-pay rate starting at $200/visit.
  • What type of clothing should I wear for my sessions?
    We recommend comfortable, loose-fitting clothing for your appointments. There are also showers, changing rooms, and lockers available (please bring your own lock) if you'd like to change your clothes upon arrival for your session. *Please note showers and lockers will be unavailable for the foreseeable future due to Covid-19.
  • How do I make a telehealth appointment, and how exactly does it work?"
    To make a telehealth visit simply email: A link to the telehealth visit (from Zoom or will be sent to your email before your appointment Click on the link and enter the waiting room You will also receive a separate email containing a consent form Please download our consent form, sign it, and email it back before your session During the session, we will check in with you regarding your status, review your current exercise program, progress exercises and stretches as needed, show you self-mobilizations if necessary, and support you going further All sessions are 30 minutes Cost: many health insurers are now covering telehealth visits Medicare Patients: CMS has recently allowed you to receive telehealth visits Together, we will make decisions based on your condition to prescribe appropriate treatment options to keep you healthy. Please let us know how we can help you stay well using our new telehealth platform.
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